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We're State & Arrow: two long-time best friends separated by a three hour drive, but joined together in business. We found each other the first week of college (go Kentucky Wildcats!) and have been best friends, soul sisters and creative co-conspirators ever since. In 2012, we merged our separate event businesses into Pink Peony Planning & Design. We promised each other to be best friends first, business partners second.

Since then, we’ve re-branded, pinpointed our passions, narrowed our service offerings and discovered our ideal clients. We truly feel that our current brand IS us - State & Arrow just feels like home.

What we’ve found is that we love creating beautiful, garden-style florals that make our clients and their guests feel like they’re part of something special. We feel like our clients say a lot about us, and we want you to know what we love about them:

State & Arrow Clients…

  • Are adventurous, kind and typically a little non-traditional
  • Laugh with us - a lot
  • Feel like old friends after our first meeting, sometimes even after our first email exchange
  • Have ‘enjoying time with loved ones’ and ‘having a good time’ as top priorities for their event
  • Love garden-style or wildflower bouquets and arrangements
  • Appreciate quality and unique blooms
  • Want greenery and/or texture incorporated into their designs
  • Can Pinterest with the best of them, but enjoy brainstorming a completely unique event with us
  • Make us cry at EVERY single wedding ceremony EVERY single time

We have SO MUCH love for our clients, and are proud that so many of them become dear friends of ours after their event is through. If you leave this page with one thing, let it be this: 

We’re going to work our butts off for you. We’re going to help you create an event you love. And we’re going to have a damn good time with you while we’re doing it. 

How We Work

We have two locations: one in Columbus, OH and one in Louisville, KY. All Ohio events are run by Adria and her team, and all Kentucky and Southern Indiana events are run by Jamie and her team. We are available for regional, national and international travel weddings in late 2017 and 2018 - please contact us to chat about your destination wedding! 


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