Cabbage Vases – Pretty Purple How-to

We recently created these simple, fresh and fun cabbage vases for one of our 2013 couples. Their palette includes deep purple, which lends itself perfectly to incorporating fresh produce! Here’s how we did it:

Step 1 Peel back a layer or two of leaves on your cabbage. You’ll want the layers of your cabbage to be as tightly packed as possible.

Step 2 Sit the cabbage on a level surface, core-side down.

Step 3 Cut a 2-3” circle in the top of your cabbage and remove a few layers.

Step 4 Once you get through the first few layers, use a melon baller to hollow out your vase, maintaining the circular shape. For ours, we made an opening big enough for a glass votive candle holder to fit in the middle.

Step 5 When your vase is as deep as you would like it to be (our was about 3" deep), you can prepare your florals. 

Step 6 Slice a piece of pre-soaked floral foam to fit inside your vase.

Step 7 Arrange your selected florals in the foam. We used purple sage, blue veronica, blue delphinium and purple larkspur. Ta-da!