Sweets + Bouts

Boutonnieres and sweet treats are two things we love, regardless of the day of the week. We think you'll feel the same way after you see these...

Aren't these little labeled bouts the greatest? (Spoiler alert: a couple weeks ago we did our own boutonniere shoot that we'll be sharing soon!)


This bridal shower had us absolutely swooning. We love everything about it, but especially this cake.

Any time we have the opportunity to have fun with the food and drinks for an event, we take it. So we're totally down with this list of delicious and unique pairings from our girl Martha... and we really love donut holes.



Derby, Of Course!

It's springtime in Kentucky and that means one thing.... DERBY'S HERE! Neither of us are Kentucky natives, but we both agree that a couple of the many reasons we love the bluegrass state are the traditions and the history here, like the Derby. Even if you don't live in Kentucky, it's always fun to get fancy with a few of your friends and celebrate with a julep (or two!), right? We put together this fun little shoot to show you how to throw an easy, pretty (and pretty easy) Derby party. Enjoy!


First, flowers. In our opinion, one of the easiest ways to make any event a little more snazzy. Red roses are traditional Derby blooms, but we had something a little different in mind. We choose springy pastels that reminded us of classic Southern attire (think seersuckers and bow ties). In this arrangement we used blush-colored snap dragons, periwinkle blue hydrangeas and fragrant accents of white freesia.

We decided to show off these pretties in a thrifted gold container that reminded us of a trophy. You could, of course, use an actual trophy cup - if you can find one! Add a bowtie and voila! You have a perfectly charming arrangement for your bash.

It just wouldn't be a Derby party without mint juleps, would it? Display your cocktail ingredients in fun glass containers, like we did here. We also made flavored simple syrups to add some excitement to the traditional julep - this one is infused with lemon!

Lastly, send your guests home with some Kentucky-inspired treats! These favors couldn't be easier - place a mini bottle of bourbon and two bourbon balls inside a julep cup and you're finished. We promise they'll love 'em.


That's a wrap - enjoy your Derby party!

P.S. Don't forget your hat!



Signature Sips

It's always the little things that get us. A little note on the back of a program from the bride + groom. Personalized napkins. Heirloom cake stands. These are the things that make your wedding your wedding. One of our favorite "little things" is serving a signature drink. Not only can it save you a little bit of money when you forego a full bar for one or two carefully selected cocktails, but it's another way to share your story throughout your event.

Serve the drink your hometown is known for. Serve the drink you had on your first date. Serve a drink that salutes the season. Serve a drink because it's your favorite.

Here are a few of our favorite signature sips:

These pre-made gin + tonics via Ruffled

These his-and-hers concoctions (with amazing signage) via Martha Stewart Weddings

These John Daly cocktails (sweet little flags included) via Style Me Pretty

These all include liquor, but if you're not serving the hard stuff, you still have plenty of options. Do something fun with champagne, like we did for a hot July wedding.

There are so, so many drinks to choose from - we could go on and on. As you make your choice, consider the vibe of your event, your budget, the weather, and above all else, what you like.

If you still need a little help selecting spirits, go here + here. Or ask us!

Happy sipping,

A + J

Holiday Peony Projects

Two of our favorite holiday decorating projects this year: a sweet Christmas "tree" and gold-tipped pinecones. Each one was so easy it's silly!

This little red ladder was a flea market find. Cute, right? We added a small string of lights, a few ornaments and a little candle action up top to keep our "tree" simple and sweet.

Our motto of the year could probably be "Just paint it gold." It's one of our favorite ways to spruce up everyday items. These pinecones met the fate of our gold acrylic paint and will be used as ornaments and placecard holders for a holiday dinner. Pretty!

Wrap It Up

Yarn. String. Twine. Cue the music: “These are a few of our favorite things….” But seriously, if an item can be wrapped in one of these three for decorative purposes, we’ve done it. We have more yarn than any two non-knitting people should ever own. Today, we want to share one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest DIY details ever – yarn-wrapped bottles.

Yarn + hot glue + your favorite bottles. Ta-da! This is a painfully easy way to tie a centerpiece together or add color. We chose muted greens and browns for this shoot and then used the bottles as part of our Thanksgiving arrangements. When you're finished, the hot glue pulls right off of the bottles and they're good as new (or old, if your bottles are vintage like ours!)