DIY Floral Monogram

On this COLD winter day we wanted to share a fun floral DIY from our warm (read: blazing hot) fall inspiration shoot with Amy Wallen. We loved this project and think that is a perfect way to incorporate florals into your event in a unique way. Wouldn't it look great on a dessert display or suspended over a head table? We think so! We used the florals that corresponded with the centerpiece and bouquet from our shoot, but you could use any color and texture combination. It is important to note that we used fresh flowers and greenery for our letter because we knew it only had to last about 5-6 hours and we wanted it to match our other florals perfectly. You could easily swap out for paper or silk flowers - just use the styrofoam floral foam instead. This was our first attempt and we definitely had some learnings, which we'll share with you below! Here's how we did it:

step1 copy

Step 1: Gather your supplies! We bought our large cardboard letter at Joann's Fabric. You'll also need 2 blocks of wet floral foam (or styrofoam for non-fresh florals), scissors, an Exacto knife (don't forget your exacto knife and attempt the entire thing with scissors... that would just be silly...), a hot glue gun and, of course, your blooms! For this shoot, we used a lot of small, textured pieces, but we would recommend having more large blooms that will take up more space.

step2 copy

Step 2: Using your Exacto knife, remove the top of your cardboard letter, as shown. Be careful!

step3 copyStep 3: Cut your floral foam into small pieces that fit snugly into your cardboard letter. This may require some measuring. Hot glue your pieces into your letter. Most importantly, do as we say, not as we do (...did) and fill the entire letter with foam. Do not leave empty spaces. This will ensure nothing shifts around inside your letter.

step4 copyStep 4: The fun part! Arrange your florals inside your letter, ensuring the entire letter is full and there are no bare spots. In the picture above we are about 90% finished.


Step 5: Sit back and enjoy your sweet new DIY! OR make two more letters to complete your monogram. Here's the final product of ours.


Happy crafting!