Holiday Peony Projects

Two of our favorite holiday decorating projects this year: a sweet Christmas "tree" and gold-tipped pinecones. Each one was so easy it's silly!

This little red ladder was a flea market find. Cute, right? We added a small string of lights, a few ornaments and a little candle action up top to keep our "tree" simple and sweet.

Our motto of the year could probably be "Just paint it gold." It's one of our favorite ways to spruce up everyday items. These pinecones met the fate of our gold acrylic paint and will be used as ornaments and placecard holders for a holiday dinner. Pretty!

Wrap It Up

Yarn. String. Twine. Cue the music: “These are a few of our favorite things….” But seriously, if an item can be wrapped in one of these three for decorative purposes, we’ve done it. We have more yarn than any two non-knitting people should ever own. Today, we want to share one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest DIY details ever – yarn-wrapped bottles.

Yarn + hot glue + your favorite bottles. Ta-da! This is a painfully easy way to tie a centerpiece together or add color. We chose muted greens and browns for this shoot and then used the bottles as part of our Thanksgiving arrangements. When you're finished, the hot glue pulls right off of the bottles and they're good as new (or old, if your bottles are vintage like ours!)





Sprinkles as Confetti

“… and no confetti. I think that’s about it. Any questions?”  My venue coordinator ended her spiel on the rules and regulations of the property and pulled the contract out of her bag. “I’m sorry, did you say ‘no confetti?’”

I was crushed. I wasn’t the type who had had my wedding planned since the age of five, but I had certain scenes in my head. One of them went something like this:

As you can see, confetti was a key ingredient. Unfortunately, many outdoor venues these days are saying no to confetti and ours was one of them. In the end, we went with lavender, a great (and yummy-smelling) eco-friendly alternative.

A few months later, as I was perusing Michaels for props, a bottle of sprinkles caught my eye. They were perfectly colorful and definitely toss-worthy. Oh sprinkles, where were you four months ago?!

Aren't they pretty? And they have so many uses. Be on the lookout for them in future Pink Peony shoots - we have big plans for these little guys.

Someday is Today

It started out as a daydream. We’d laugh and say “Someday...” Someday we’ll be older. Someday we’ll have the money. Someday we’ll be brave enough. We graduated college, moved away, started working at “big girl jobs.” Jamie worked events the whole week long – at meeting facilities during the week and assisting seasoned event planners on the weekends. I went the corporate route, writing and designing. As a struggling post-grad, I began designing promotional materials and invitations on the side to make some extra money.

During our marathon phone chats, we would share our work with each other. Jamie was assisting at amazing weddings and learning the ins and outs of catering at the club. I was a creative tornado – writing, crafting, designing and dabbling in photography. It felt good to do what I loved and I was shocked that people were starting to pay me for it.

Then I got engaged and fell straight down the wedding rabbit hole. I asked Jamie to be my maid of honor, and we finally had an excuse to spend hours chatting about cake and linens.

After the wedding dust settled, we went back to doing what we do – weddings on the weekends and freelance work until the wee hours of the night. Eventually, it dawned on us that “someday” might be here, and Pink Peony Planning & Design was born.

From then until now, it’s been a whirlwind – road trips, brainstorming sessions, photo shoots, vendor meetings and, our favorite part, meeting clients. And smiling. There’s been a lot of smiling. We know that together we have something really special to offer and we’re excited about our new (ad)venture.

Stay tuned for scenes from our recent shoots, venue reviews, DIY details and how-to’s, creative inspirations and plenty of stories.